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I'm Dying To Be Alive

Cause in this life, it's hard to tell what is true and what is false.

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Ives // Your Anti-Drug.
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Fanboy. Brother. Son. Friend. Obsessive. Role Player. Graphic Designer. Soon-to-be-in-college. Licensed driver. Drama geek. Gryffinclaw.

I'm the first of my breed. Unique in every way, I'm the kid that everyone loves to be around. I'm not afraid to speak my mind and let my opinions be known. I'm the first seventeen year old from Kentucky to be famous. At least E-famous. I'm big on family and friends. I'm a liberal in a world of conservatives. My mom is my hero and my world. In-between relationships right now and my best friend is the complete opposite of myself.

I am a fanboy, and quite proud of it. My biggest obession has been Harry Potter for the past ten years. I also love Kyle Xy, X-Men, Spider Man, Gilmore Girls, Disney, Rent, Narnia, Wicked, and several others that you'll hear about.
What Keeps Me Busy.

§Triumph Designs - Mod
§CGI Icontest - Mod
§Rock Music LIMS - Co-Mod
§Burning X: X-Men RPG - Co-Mod & Founder
§The Dream: HP RPG - Co-Founder & now faithful player
§Thrussell: Element Mage RPG - Faithful player
§Eviltera Iconz - Maker
Most Recent Award
I participate in several icontest/graphic contests, and surprisingly, win from time to time.

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Won @ fantasy_awards
Friends Only
Yes, my journal is friends only, and I plan on it staying that way. You can ask to be friended right here. I'm pretty open about friending right now, but that can change at anytime. Just leave a comment, and I'll probably add you back. Also, if you came here looking for my graphics, you're in the wrong place. Above you'll find where to go for those. If you found me through a community, please tell me which one it is. They get kinda hard to keep up with when you have so many. And remember, no drama please.
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I ♥ { Beautiful Stranger }

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